TikTok- How to be Successful?

TikTok is a social media platform for creative content creators with a focus on music and dance. But also small sketches, short tutorials and acrobatic tricks find a place here. Everything is recorded directly in the app and easily edited.

It’s great fun to browse through countless clips on TikTok and even more fun to become active on TikTok yourself. Due to the short video length, you can create incredibly entertaining videos with comparatively little expenditure of time.
But these little masterpieces also want to be seen, commented and shared!

Before you get started

The best thing to do before you take the very first step is to think about what you personally enjoy most. What would be the topic with the most ideas? What would you like to make clips from? Is dancing your passion? Do you like to show yourself in cosplay? Do you have great ideas for lipsyncing? Do you find it easy to put funny ideas on lyrics? Do you like to make fast jokes? Just get a little inside yourself and you’ll soon find something that will be YOUR strength for great clips.

All beginnings are easy!

To get started, you first have to download and install the app from the official Appstore or Playstore. Once that’s done, open the app. You will be greeted with a video clip and with the swiping up you have the possibility to watch more clips. But we are not here today for that! The Profilicon below right is more of interest, tap it. On the following page you have the possibility to register via e-mail address, mobile phone number or one of your social media accounts.

The data you have to enter when registering includes your date of birth, e-mail address OR phone number, your desired password and after a little captcha test (you know, these “picture puzzles” with which you prove that you are a human being) you made it!

An appealing profile for a good impression

Sooner or later one of your viewers will “get lost” on your profile. Why?

Quite simply, your future fan would like to know what other videos you have made and perhaps wants to know a little more about you. So that you can turn a potential fan into a real fan, your profile should look accordingly.

The very first impression that the viewers of your clips get is the combination of name and profile picture. Take enough time to think up a suitable name and avoid combinations of letters, special characters and numbers like ^R1€KR0|L^ or similar. After all, you want to be remembered, or could you just now say from your head how exactly you would write our example? You see. Note the difference between “Display Name” and “Username”. The “Display Name” (the picture with the name tag) can be changed as often as you like. This name is at the top of your profile. The “Username” is the name that is marked with an @. This can only be changed every 30 days and is important that other users can link you. So much for the names.

With your profile photo you actually have quite a lot of freedom, but overall it should fit your content. Do you make silly videos? Then take a silly photo with a grimace! You make cool dance choreographies? Then one grimace less would fit. A better choice would be, for example, a photo with a particularly strong dance pose.

Well, name and photo are there – now we come to the finer details of your profile page to talk. First the column “Bio”, i.e. biography. There you can write everything you want about yourself. Are there any facts worth knowing that you would like to share? Off to organic food! You just want to say hello or tell a joke? Also good. It just has to fit to the overall picture. The only important thing here is that you don’t beg for subscriptions etc., that doesn’t go down well at all!

The optimal experience

Unlike platforms such as YouTube and Instagram, where image quality is of paramount importance, TikTok doesn’t require you to pay too much attention to it. But this is also due to the image compression of TikTok, i.e. the saving of file sizes. Nevertheless, it is never wrong to shoot with the best possible camera! Maybe you borrow a smartphone from your family or friends for a few clips?

What should be right in any case is the sound. Choose your background music carefully to create the most coherent overall picture! If you want to use your own sound, it’s best to use an external cell phone microphone, as most built-in microphones are anything but good.

Rotate clips. Many Clips

It may not be possible for you to upload a new clip every day, but you should try to produce content as often as possible. After all, TikTok is a gigantic platform where it’s not easy to be seen. With a steady stream of great clips you increase your chances of being seen.

The positive side effect here is that potential fans who first look at your profile instead of following you directly from the clip can directly see that it is worth following you. This way you won’t be forgotten and who knows, maybe your next clip is already the next viral hit?

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