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Once you have removed all excessively sweet foods, take a closer look at the other foods you eat that have a less obvious sweet taste: white bread (as opposed to wholemeal bread), white/yellow pasta (as opposed to wholemeal pasta), pizza dough, breakfast cereals (including unsweetened corn flakes), popcorn (including unsweetened), etc.

All these foods have been refined (as opposed to so-called “complete” foods): their fibres have been removed!

Fibre is the sound of wheat, for example. It’s brown! It’s brown! But after the war, we decided that it was more classy to eat white food! The problem is that white = no fibre. And no fibre = nothing to delay the absorption of these sugars into the blood = glucose peak = fat stock production!

Get used to the taste of whole foods, wholemeal flour, wholemeal pasta, etc… it’s even better than white once you get a taste! It’s like dark chocolate compared to milk chocolate… it’s an acquired taste, but once you get it, you never go back.

Radical diet?

Know that all the diets in the world have in common the same thing: they contain less fast sugars than the basic Western diet! Some increase the proportion of protein, others the proportion of fat, others the proportion of fibre… But **all** reduce the proportion of fast sugars! (Some are more subtle by reducing the proportion of fast sugars at times of the day when you need them the least).

In fact, you don’t need to follow anything specific! All you need is to reduce your intake of sugars (fast sugars).

And it’s not an easy thing to do. Sugar is a real hard drug that is physically addictive! If sugar were put on the market today, instead of benefiting from a huge “tradition”, all food safety agencies would ban this product! (True, I need to find the links.)

In fact, if you try not to eat any sugar quickly overnight, you will understand your pain. I tried! I tried! I felt like I had the flu for 2 days and I cracked: I ate a little… and I decided that I would gradually reduce…

Now you know the secret: you have to unlearn to love sugar. You have to learn to love other tastes. Until it becomes natural.

I will give you some tips that I have experienced next time.

A word about calories?

Yes: counting calories is bullshit! Not all calories are equal. Eating 200 extra calories of sugar is much worse than eating 400 extra calories of protein!

Calorie measurement is a totally outdated measure that dates back to the days when nutritionists used to say nothing but bullshit like: “you want to be less fat, eat less fat”.

Note: Even at Weight Watchers, they finally changed their point system to no longer count the calories in food, but to count the speed of absorption of the carbohydrates contained in said food instead!

PS: If you think this article can benefit your entourage, do a good deed: send them an email, post it on facebook, twitter… or explain it to them in person. But don’t let them continue to eat low-fat, sugar-laden crap!

25 Simple Tips To Lose Weight Quickly (No Bogus Promises!)

In this article, I will teach you how to lose weight quickly and in a healthy way, away from the bogus promises of draconian fashionable diets. This article will give you advice that you won’t find anywhere else on the web.

Of course, I don’t know your weight, your fat mass rate and other such data. It is therefore IMPOSSIBLE for me to predict how many kilos you will lose in how many weeks.

On the other hand, I will tell you how to lose weight quickly and healthily through effective tips from, all scientifically proven. Here is what you will learn in this article:

How many kilos you can lose per week (without absurd promises)
Why ALL diets are based on 4 slimming components
7 psychological tips for losing weight quickly that will surprise you
Why you don’t need to exercise to lose weight quickly
How to lose weight quickly and healthily

Don’t believe in fairy tales!

If you Google how to lose weight quickly (and healthy) or diet quickly, you’ll see a list of some of the most promising stocks. Unfortunately, these sites do not talk about weight loss in an honest way.

You will see more than one fast diet that is supposed to make you lose 5 to 10 kilos in a week. Do you want to lose weight quickly? Do not be fooled by these absurd promises.


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