Flooring types for designer houses

It could be stated that the floor is the most unalterable element of a residence. A lot to make sure that it can even be invisible, stationary or inconsequential. And also yet, deciding regarding what kind of floor you will place in your home is a lot more important than you picture.

The option of one type of floor or another need to never be arbitrary, neither must pure aesthetic criteria be thought about. One material or an additional offers us certain performances as well as comforts that we need to worth which have as much worth as their contribution to the character of the house.

Fads in flooring types for houses

When you first enter a home, a gorgeous floor is the key to a favorable first impression. It is not the very same to discover a flooring, of whatever material, that matches the basic looks of the room as one that does not match the atmosphere.

The various products that you can make use of for the flooring in your house will offer you different advantages and also various aesthetic coatings.

Kinds of floors for trendy exclusive houses:


Timber is the celebrity material that always offers superb outcomes. It is extra expensive than other alternatives, however it is worth it for its quality and comfort. Nonetheless, it is not the best choice for locations such as the bathroom or kitchen area, considering that despite the anti-humidity therapies you can never be 100% certain that it will certainly not break down in specific emergencies.

Laminate floor covering

Laminate floor covering uses top quality, is simple to install as it can be laid over existing floor covering as well as boosts the warm feeling of the area.

As it is the product that many closely resembles wood, since it is made by pressing wood fibers with top quality materials, it is utilized extensively in restorations. There is a vast array of alternatives and also surfaces, but it will constantly be worth buying the best quality ones to stay clear of peeling.


We are much more utilized to seeing rubber flooring in health clubs, swimming pools, play areas or nurseries, as it is a clean, economical as well as non-slip material that cushions falls very well. Nevertheless, this material can likewise be very helpful to us as well as will certainly offer a various touch to the spaces if we use it in private homes.


Linoleum, despite its age, is back in fashion: its excellent results, long life, convenience and flexibility make it an excellent candidate with lots of fans. In addition, it is simple to tidy and also keep, which is considered a plus by lots of.

Include in that the reality that it is an eco-friendly material, since it is made from all-natural, lasting materials, and also that wouldn’t select it?

PVC or plastic floor covering

PVC is an economical as well as easy to install choice based upon other floor covering (i.e. no demand to remove the previous floor).

What began as a momentary remedy, ended up evolving and adapting to the trends of the moment, generating an extremely functional choice for tight budgets. Nevertheless, it is very important to prevent moistening the joints if you intend to keep this material in the best possible problem for as long as feasible.


If there is one material that is trendy for floorings in residences, it is microcement. With high qualities very comparable to epoxy material, it is a flexible choice and also very adaptable to any kind of area.

Nonetheless, do not forget that you can just get excellent cause the installment if you have the job of an expert. Keep in mind also that this is a product that provides little heat, so beware when choosing where to place it.


The ceramic pieces are a great alternative because they are a non-slip and also water resistant material. New manufacturing techniques have actually made it feasible to create many different styles, colours and also shapes, even imitating various other products such as timber. Why is this beneficial for your house? Due to the fact that you can choose an option of high longevity as well as resistance without renouncing to visual appeals.

Rug or textile flooring

Carpeting is a timeless in northern European countries as well as the United States, as it brings added warmth and also convenience to bed rooms as well as living rooms. There are numerous colours available, styles to suit all tastes and also they are the most effective option for protecting versus the chilly and creating a cosy setting.

Epoxy resin

As it can be set up on the previous floor, epoxy resin is a best choice for restorations. It is a self-levelling flooring with a smooth, continuous and moisture immune coating. In addition, there is a wide variety of colours and coatings, which allows a high degree of customisation.

Natural stone

Natural rock is a very desired material that gives spaces an extra measurement of individuality and elegance. There are various kinds of stones, which call for various cares, yet every one of them are constantly an excellent selection.

Hydraulic tiles

This trend, which started in France in the mid-19th century, is still alive today. Hydraulic tile floors are named for their production process, although they are basically floor tiles, mosaics or decorative ceramic tiles.

The flooring can be the total change that is expected when a home is changed; on its great selection depends, to a fantastic extent, that the decor of your home moves in harmony. It has a great visual weight within the setting, given that it is the surface that takes care of signing up with all the components to make the decor of your house a success. So you recognize: in the equilibrium is the success.

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